SimBal Studios

Zevar King

Zevar King is a contemporary Indian Jewelry brand based in Delhi. With a big presence on social media. It captures a lifestyle that attempts to mirror today’s India, an unapologetic fusion of the cultural and the contemporary. 

Co founders, Prerit and Sanjana wanted us to create a website for them that best represented their ongoing jewelry business on Instagram. With a better scope and easy accessibility, we designed the user interface to stay in touch with the existing façade. For their customers to have a touch of the ongoing experience, the UX was a high priority.

The brand has a well known social media presence with many influencer endorsements. We used the Envy theme on Shopify to pull all of the requirements together.

The logistics and the payments were set up after the design. The product catalog was also made from scratch. Even though it just took a month to set these up we have an ongoing long term relationship with Zevar King.